December 5, 2016

You Are Enough

Our last installment of Mindful Motherhood for 2016! What a journey it has been this year, and we are deeply grateful to each of you that continues to read, engage, and listen.

This month, we have a simple and pure message for all of you mamas out there.


You are enough for yourself
You are enough for your children
You are enough for the world around you


And you have enough. And you do enough.

You are so perfectly made, just the way you are. Lower those expectations of perfection, and just be you.

If you need any other reminder of just how enough you are, listen here.

Listen over and over, until the words are etched on your heart and you breathe them in as if it is second nature. 

Wishing you all the very best, from the bottom of my heart.


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