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Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei
Owner, Birth and Postpartum Doula
Certified Meditation Instructor

Shannon began Sweet Stella's in 2010 following the birth of her first babe, Owen, to help her navigate postpartum depression. She was fresh off a very bad birth experience, complicated breastfeeding and was faced with PPD and anxiety. Sweet Stella's became her safe place, and one that has grown and evolved over the past several years. In January 2015, Shannon became a fully certified professional doula through Doula Alliance. She is located on the west side of London, Ontario.

I firmly believe that my role as your doula is to support the decisions that you are making for your family, and to never impress my own personal opinion on you. Being a parent can be hard; I want to make sure you feel supported, empowered and validated in your choices. When we work together, you will receive my support, knowledge and consistent check-ins. You are not alone in your journey; I am here to help guide you along your way.

Shannon is the mom of two boys and one babe who miscarried in 2013, holds her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and History from Wilfrid Laurier University and has served over a dozen families since becoming a doula in August 2014. She has attended both hospital and home births, has experience with birth trauma and miscarriage, is trained in hypnobirth with The Calm Birth School, and is a big supporter of self care for moms. Shannon has also completed the Certified Meditation Instructor program through the University of Holistic Theology and is thriving as a meditation instructor, leading classes both in person and online.

When she's not assisting at a birth or leading her team, Shannon writes for Fit Pregnancy and Thyme Maternity, and enjoys the mental release and clarity of running and her own meditation practice, time with her best girls and a nice glass of wine. Shannon is also an active member on the House Committee at the London Hunt and Country Club.


photo credit: Natalie Rose Photography
Stephanie Groeneweg
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Stephanie joined the Sweet Stella's team in late July 2015 and has a unique outlook on pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. She believes that every parent deserves to be heard and supported in their choices, both mentally and physically, but moreso emotionally. Stephanie completed her certification in November 2015 through Doula Alliance, and is based in London, Ontario.

For us, things haven't gone as planned. When we first got married, we had visions of starting a family and unfortunately, we have gone down the road of fertility treatments, miscarriage, and emotional lows. Since starting my training to become a doula, I have realized that pregnancy, birth and postpartum take on a different form for every parent. Each journey is unique, and each outcome is entirely different from the next. As we continue, with hope and open hearts, to become parents, our story helps me to understand the journey of others and helps me connect with them on a deeper level. As your doula, I bring gentle understanding, professionalism, and the emotional care that you need through this life changing event.

Stephanie loves doing research for her clients and is constantly keeping up to date on the latest trends and aspects that shape our birth culture. She has completed a breastfeeding course with Hoag Health Center and is currently taking “All About Breastfeeding” at Medela University. She holds her Office Administration Executive diploma from Fanshawe College, which lends well to her professional approach. She is realistic about birth and postpartum, knowing that not everything goes to plan, and encourages her clients to have an open mind about their process. Stephanie is also specializing in Fertility and our Lactation Counselor services.

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Janice Tadgell
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Janice joined the Sweet Stella's team in early 2016 upon completion of the Perinatal Support Worker program through Babies Naturally, and is eager to serve her clients in perinatal support with a focus on birth, breastfeeding support and cloth diapering, with information sessions and classes coming soon! Janice is located in southwest London, Ontario.

Since having my daughter and learning what it really means to trust your body, my passion for birth and honouring our bodies has become abundant. I have always been interested in the birthing process, having helped many family animals deliver their litters growing up. Now that I am a mother, I understand the intricate and delicate process in a totally new way. I am passionate about helping families find a way that works for them, knowing that no two bodies are the same and babies come on their own timeline. Becoming a parent is truly an incredible thing, and making sure you feel supported in your choices is of top priority to me.

Janice is the mom of one busy little girl, and hold her Hospitality and Tourism diploma from Lambton College, as well as her Level 1 Sommelier from the International Wine Guild. She has extensive knowledge of extended breastfeeding and has a passion for postpartum topics such as car seat safety, babywearing and maternal mental health. She leads our Breastfeeding Support groups and classes, and knows that no two babies and no two families are the same. She encourages the families that she works with to carve out their own way of doing things. With unconditional support, Janice serves her clients with an open heart and gentle approach.

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Lisa May
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lisa completed her practical training through Babies Naturally in early 2016 and has joined the Sweet Stella's team with a distinct passion for nonjudgmental birth support, breastfeeding and car seat safety, which she is currently seeking additional certification in. Lisa is located in southwest London, Ontario, as well!

I want to give everyone the knowledge and tools to go into their birthing experience knowing what their rights are and to assist them in making whichever decisions are right for them and their family. Birth as a first time parent can be a very intimidating process and when you don't know what your options are for positions, comfort measures, even how to transition to life as a new family at home once your baby is can be a scary place to be! As a doula, I provide you with unconditional support, the knowledge that I have gained from my training as well as continued education in birth work, and my experience as a mother. I support you and your choices, whatever they may be.

Lisa is also passionate about social interaction postpartum and leads our Mom and Baby and Toddler Time classes at North Yoga & Wellness, as well as our some of our private workshops. Lisa is the mom of two boys, and holds her Fashion Business diploma from George Brown College.

Kerri Dowling
Birth Doula

Kerri joins the Sweet Stella's team with an enthusiasm and passion for maternal mental health and making the birth process the most positive experience a woman will have in her life through education, support and compassion.

I have always had a passion for the birth process and experience, specifically how to make it better and more positive. I want to help women have the birth experience that they want and to encourage a positive and calm birth, however that looks for my clients. I am also passionate about supporting women during their postpartum recovery, their mental health and their needs for newborn care education, having provided overnight support to a mom with twins who needed some care and relief. This journey as a doula has been a long 11 years in the making, and I feel so blessed to provide the support that I do.

When not tending to clients, Kerri loves baking, journalling, yoga and meditation, spending time with family and volunteering. Kerri is also passionate about baby sign language, and will be offering many levels of support to her clients through their pregnancies, birth and postpartum.

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Jena Evans-Turnbull
Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

Jena joins the Sweet Stella's team with a passion for women's rights, empowerment and evidence based birthing information, and is working in our Toronto, Ontario satellite office! Jena completed her doula training in 2013 with DONA and has been actively practicing since.

After my first birth experience, I discovered with the right support, any birth can be an empowering experience. Through this enlightening and comforting journey, I began my work as a doula. My mission is to support and help guide families as they bring their baby into this world, in the way that they need to feel supported: whether that is emotionally, physically, and/or with the information they need to make the best decisions for them.

Jena is passionate about supporting the choices of her clients, always reminding them to do what they feel is best for them and that everyone should have the option for a positive birth experience. She instills confidence and empowerment in her clients, strongly believing that a labouring woman has the right to choose how and where she delivers her baby. Jena provides gentle guidance and the same level of confidence to partners as to labouring women, and believes it is truly an honour to be invited into your birth experience. Jena also holds her Reiki Level 2, her Align & Shine Yoga Certification and Pre and Postnatal Yoga Certification.

Megan Graham
Birth Doula

Megan joins our Toronto, Ontario team with a deep passion for empowering and supporting women through childbirth. She completed her doula training with DONA in, and is also an active professional member of Evidence Based Birthing where she continues her education of birth trends, choices and topics.

My passion as a doula is providing support to families that helps give then the confidence to have a birth that they feel great about. Helping families learn about their options in birth and practice informed consent is also very important to me. As a doula, I hope to provide the physical and emotional support to help make birth a joyful and exciting experience! With education and support, I believe that every mother can have a positive birth experience and I am honoured to be there to aid in your process.

Megan understands and honours the importance of birth and the place it holds in a mother's heart forever. She brings that respect for birth to every family that she supports. In addition to having over a year of professional doula experience, Megan has also completed her Rebozo training and loves all that city life in Toronto has to offer her and her family.

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