December 14, 2016

Prenatal Mental Health Check-In

So it's December....which means shorter hours of sunshine, cloudy days, snow and cold (at least here in Ontario).

Mental health in general during the winter is a challenge thing. The environmental factors that impact mental health are at a massive low in the winter months; when the days are dreary, we feel that in our bodies and minds.

Now is a great time to check in with your mental health status during pregnancy before the stress of the holidays hit.

How are you feeling?

Be honest here. Let down your guard and be honest. It's ok to say that you're not enjoying every moment of pregnancy. It's ok they be absolutely euphoric about pregnancy and you upcoming birth.

No matter how you are feeling.....

it. is. ok.

Take a few minutes to find your breath today. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, anticipating a stressful holiday season. Or if you're quickly approaching birth and time seems to be flying by you.

After you've found you breath and have felt your heart slow, start planning out some self care activities to carry you through the most stressful time of year. Pregnancy itself is stressful, add in the holidays and family dynamics, potential for judgement and it's easy to see how your mental health can become compromised and difficult to manage.

However you are feeling, today and in the coming weeks, it is ok.

Acknowledge it and find your breath. Find a way to slow the pace of your heart. Check in with yourself every so often throughout your pregnancy, especially during the winter, and be honest.


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