November 25, 2016

Why They Always Want Mama

You hear it in the middle of the night


From the moment that they first wake up to when they rest their tired heads down on their pillow...and sometimes even in the middle of the night when something scary happens in a dream.


So often, we cringe at the words, especially when they are spoken over and over and followed up with can I have a (insert thing here...probably the word "snack").

But at the end of the day, there is no sweeter word and no better feeling than your child wanting and needing you for something.

Why do they always want mama? Well, because they know you. They trust you. They know your heart from the inside out. They feel comforted by your arms and your smell.

They just want mama.

They want you to hold them. They want to hear your voice and for you to sing.

They want you because they love you and them saying your name over and over is them telling you that you are important. You are everything to them, even in the times when you feel like you are failing them.

Hold them a little longer
Squeeze them a little tighter

Be there. They need you.


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