March 14, 2012

WAHM Wednesday: Fresh Face Forward

A couple of week ago I started dreaming about BlogHer and the fantastic nights out with my roommates Shan, Shaun and Mel...

Who am I kidding? I've been dreaming about this for months! What I really started thinking about, since I'm working with an amazing fashion designer on some really great clothes to wear at BlogHer was my face.

Sounds silly right?

Well, I started thinking about the fact that I never ever wear makeup (what busy WAHM does?!) and rarely even get out of my jeans a tshirt.

All of that is going to change but the change has to come from within...

Within my makeup bag that is!

Serious slim pickins' in there...

Definitely am not afraid of colour, love to shimmer and shine...but I never wear the stuff. The Lancome compacts of four and single purple and green are about...oh...6 years old. The bronze at the bottom? About 4 years old.

Mascara (which I only started wearing 4 years ago...) was new...Christmas 2010. And the black Rimmel don't even want to know. I got it from my roommates collection in university, and I lived with her in 2004...

I definitely need some new tricks in my bag, and need to figure out how to put my best face forward at BlogHer to ensure that I'm representing myself and my amazing sponsors to the best of my ability.

I mean...I dont even have blush or bronzer! Who does that?! {this girl...this girl right here}

What are your favourite products, brands and tricks to keep in your makeup bag? Any trends that I'm missing out on by being makeup free on a daily basis?


Andrea said...

You are so pretty :)

I wish I could get by with no makeup lol

Shaun M said...

Beautiful lady!

I love mineral make up! So easy & light! For me, mascara and a bit of lip gloss is the way to go :)

Natalie Adair said...

I'll tell you one product that I love and that takes away the bags from my eyes and makes it look like I got a good night sleep: Olay total effects for your eyes.
I'm telling you it's great--If I'm staying home and want to look decent(b/c as soon as you look bad you'll have company!)I wear it and mascara and that's it, going out or into the public I wear over my base
And get the make-up from cover girl that's suppose to bring out your eyes, it goes with everything!

Great blog btw and I'm following you!Natalie@


Rebecca Nash said...

Hey Shannon! I'm totally excited like you about BlogHer12 - It's going to be amazing!

On another note, looking at your makeup made me take a look at's all a little newer than yours (1-2years old) but it's still some slim pickings. I'm in love with Smashbox makeup products. Totally easy to use, great colours and doesn't cause my sensitive skin to erupt!

I know whatever you decide to do you will look gorgeous - you always do! I'm planning a full makeover for July so that I'm fresh and fabulous for BlogHer and NYC.

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