August 25, 2011

Y3W Friday: {Paper} Faces on Parade

Every face a different shade.
Look around -
there's another
mask behind you!

That's right! This week, I was asked by a lovely photographer to create a mask for an upcoming wedding shoot that she has in the fall.

An amazing opportunity for some really awesome, hand painted designs! I've created them out of a satin mask form, painted with high quality and non toxic artist acrylics, them embellished with a variety of powdered glitters, metallic paint, feathers, gems, ribbons and pearls.

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been creating!

~Snow Princess~

~Bubblegum Cutie~

~Black Widow~

~Autumn Goddess~ this is the mask that will be going to the wedding shoot

~Ice Queen~

So...what do you think?! I've got to say, I'm absolutely in love with them!

Masks will come in two styles; Couture and Basic. The Couture masks will be embellished with feathers, gems, glitter, handpainted designs and ribbons. The Basic masks will be handpainted with optional glitter and gems.

They're all so different and wonderful, and I definitely will be doing a GIVEAWAY for a custom Couture Magnificent Mask in a few weeks!

What was your week like? Can you sum it up in three(ish) words?? Link up with my girl Jenni!

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