April 26, 2011

Emmy Given Wednesday: Brainstorming and GBK

Welcome to Emmy Given Wednesday!

The topic today is part brainstorming, part GBK.

What's GBK you ask? Well...only the premiere event host in Hollywood! GBK Productions is where it's at in terms of gifting suites, fundraising events, and provides only the best to the best...including Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan, Tina Fey, Hillary Swank, Magic Johnson and Terry O'Quinn (gotta have a LOST shout out!! Thrilled about that!)

When I found out that one of The Artisan Group's swag bags would be going to Mr. Keilly himself, I knew that I had to create something stunning and custom for him, and something extra sweet for his adorable little girl.

I've started scouting for papers that are trendy, masculine...with a slight antique edge to them, with great textures and patterns that Gavin will appreciate. So far....

I'd really like to add in a wood grain paper...made of actual pulp or bark itself...I think that would just throw this collection over the edge. And of course, it will be monogrammed in Cocoa ink. Hmm...maybe something with a suede look...or feel even.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more Emmy's news coming on Friday about our May 11th Twitter Party!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I love what you've come up with so far and if you make a wood grain/bark paper, I WILL HAVE TO ORDER SOME TOO!

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