August 22, 2014

Summer to Fall on Pinterest

Upon searching summer to fall on Pinterest, I found some really amazing posts that I want to share with you here!

It seems that the natural transition is to layer up, go matte with makeup and embrace boots.

The top articles to help you with this transition?

How To: Transition Your Makeup bag from Summer to Fall from
4 Tips: Summer to Fall Fashion from GirlsGuideTo
How To Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall from The Life of the Wife
Summer to Fall Maxi Skirts from Deborah Simmons

How do you deal with the transition after months of warm weather? What pieces do you keep, and what pieces do you swap out?

1 comment:

Censie Sawyer said...

Working in an office all day I can pretty much use the same wardrobe by adding a cardigan or tights.

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