February 19, 2014

We're halfway there! #pregnancy

Welcome to halfway friends!! We're so happy to be here!

Maternity Clothes: For the most part. There are still a few non maternity items that I'm wearing, like sweaters and tunics that I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy, but for the most part....give me a full panel pair of pants and I'm your best friend.

Stretch Marks: Over the past week the old silver ones have gotten a pink undertone. My belly as certainly shot right out front this past week...

Weight: +4lbs from the last appointment! This is good, and weird all at the same time. In total, I have gained 3lbs, so this belly...it's ALL baby!

Left: 19 weeks, Right: 20 weeks (top: Liz Lange Maternity, bottoms: Thyme Maternity)

Sleep: Like a rock...apparently Owen wet the bed at 1:30am last night...I knew nothing of it until the morning!

Best Pregnancy Moment: Right now there are a few....SEEING movement from the outside, and finding out the Gender (read here)

Movement: First thing in the morning, then again late at night at bedtime...and sometimes at 4am or 5am. He's pretty darn predictable.

Food Cravings: Still just the random if-i-see-it-i-want-it type cravings. Juicing has been helping a tonne to keep the nasty cravings away, but every now and then it will be a sprinkle donut from Tim's

Gender: It's a BOY!! (read here)

Names: Oh does he ever have a name, and it's beautiful! You still have 20 weeks until you get to find out, though!

Symptoms: Well, my belly has been stretching alot so it's pretty sore, but aside from that and a little fatigue, I'm feeling pretty good.

Exercise: I haven't run since Jan 15th, and now that I'm back up North...bahahahaha! There will be no running until Spring. That said, I did just invest in a Kettlebell and will be starting a kettlebell full body routine this week!

What I Miss: Remembering why I went into a room the first time

What I'm looking Forward To: Well, we have to have another ultrasound as this little dude is wiggly like his big Brother, and we didn't get a good shot of his heart on the last anatomy scan. So, definitely looking forward to seeing him again.


Molly said...

Very exciting to hit that milestone!

Shan said...

It's funny - I called to book my follwup morphological ultrasound this morning, and the lady said "so when you were here last week, you were 19wk2d" so they have me measuring a few days AHEAD!

Censie said...

It goes so much faster than the first time!! Huge milestone! And yes, you have popped!

Anneris said...

I love this blog. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I'm feeling the same things like you. I'm sleeping like a rock, I hope continue doing that in the last trimester.
How much weight do you gain? I'm almost 15lbs..ouch.

Shan said...

Thanks so much!! So far, I've only gained 3lbs! But as long as you're healthy and feeling good (and your dr's aren't concerned) I wouldn't worry!

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