February 11, 2014

Morning Refresher #Juicing #recipe

Well, folks...I've taken the plunge into juicing. After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, rating juicers and considering our options, I knew that juicing would be an excellent addition to our healthy habits.

I have to say, I am really impressed with my first juice. My son loved his taste of mine so much that he asked for his own! It's such a great way to get extra nutrients into a picky eater, so here's my recipe for a nice, light juice. I wanted to start with something fruity and light, not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. 

1 pear
1 apple
handful of strawberries (the ones I had were HUGE!)
1 cup fresh blueberries

(ahem...that's 4 servings of fruit right there!)

There is very little prep needed for this juice recipe. I rinsed everything, cored my apple, and cut around the core of my pear (not necessary according to Joe Cross' prep guide, but I wasn't sure if my juicer could handle the core, so to be on the safe side I cut the flesh away from the core)

I wasn't sure just how much juice to expect, but this recipe made about 6oz. of fresh juice. The texture was smooth, and the taste was nice and light; the perfect way to start the day.

The juicer that we have is the Cuisinart CJE-500 Compact Juice Extractor

It bit through the fruit with ease and I never felt as though I was really forcing anything through. In terms of cleanup, I had the entire machine taken apart, scrubbed and sitting to dry within 5 minutes.

The aftermath in the pulp basket?

For two 6oz juices, there was about 2 and a half cups of pump and skins. 

I am really excited to be adding in a juice every morning, knowing that I do not get near enough fruits and vegetables in my diet.

Stay tuned for more recipes!



Censie said...

Looks yummy. I havent juiced before but we do similar smoothies in the AM.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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