August 1, 2013

That time I spoke at BlogHer...

Seriously the most nerve wracking thing, and I will be forever grateful for my fellow panelists Tabatha and Erin for being equally nervous.

After the intros, Erin talked about writing a mission statement for your blog. What are you goals? What do you want to get out of writing? Do you want to further yourself as a professional writer, or establish connections with brands?

Whatever the reason or goal behind your blog, write it down and be serious about it. Be true to who you are and where you are in this moment; let it flow naturally, and know that it is okay if it changes a few months from now.

After that, we talked about the dreaded stats. Tabatha summed it up really well when she admitted that her analytical brain has a profound love for stats, but that they do not define her as a person or a blogger. I found that really powerful.

I talked about letting your authentic voice shine through in your writing. When we open ourselves up to being our true selves, and write with abandon, the companies who want to work with someone in your field will come, and amazingly don't care too much about pageviews and UVM.

I also talked about helping one another. Blogging can get really competitive, but we need to remember the reasons why we started; we had something to share. Act with grace, and treat others with respect. It will get you much further in the online community if you respect yourself and the others around you than acting otherwise.

All in all, the session was great and it was awesome to see so many nodding, laughing, smiling and having AHA moments while we were speaking.

We invite you to continue to engage with us and ask questions whether you want help writing your mission statement or want to know about changing the topic of your blog and how to engage your readers in an authentic way!



Elizabeth Parker said...

I didn't know you were on a panel! Next time let me know. :)

Heather said...

You did a great job!

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