June 13, 2013

Elements and Principles of Design...Balance

Balance can take on many different interpretations in visual art.

As the fifth art principle, balance means how the artist weighs their piece of work. Is it asymmetrical {balance all on one side, top or bottom of the piece}, symmetric or radial?

How would you say these pieces are balanced?

And what about this sculpted piece?

I tend to create more asymmetrical pieces than anything else. I really like having most of the weight in a painting on the top or bottom, one side or the other. I find that it creates a beginning, middle and end in a more harmonious way than typical symmetry.

What kind of balance do you like to see in a piece of art?



Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

This is so above and beyond my head ;) I'm glad there's artists like you in the world to create these beautiful pieces for the rest of us to admire!

Censie said...

I am not an artist - I feel like everything has to be "even" I am more likely to be drawn to something that has paint all over the item equally. If that makes sense.

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