February 14, 2013

New Year New Me...Week Off

It's been a full week now since I've worked out and done an Insanity circuit. Between taking care of a very sick toddler over the weekend, and doing what I can to help my Husband mend from his chest cold, it was only a matter of time before I too got sick.

I've really been listening to my body, and have given myself a break. Do I feel bad? No. What good would it be to push myself through a 59 minute Insanity interval, when I can barely catch my breath after blowing my nose?


I have, however, kept drinking my Shakeology and it has really been helping me to have more energy in having to chase around a toddler while sick, and kept a full blown flu at bay.


It's all the holistic nutrition behind Shakeology.

Seriously, the stuff is that good for you. I choose to have it as my first meal of the day. My favourite is to mix it up in the blender with water, almond milk and some frozen strawberries. It makes me feel good about what I am putting into my body, which sets me up for making healthier food choices throughout the rest of the day.

It also promotes healthy weight loss, and I found it interesting that while I haven't done Insanity in a week now, I still have lost another 2lbs. Shakeology is helping me achieve my goals, feel good about myself, and I love knowing that there are zero chemicals {not even fructose or sucralose!} going in my body as I start a new day.

Can you say the same about your breakfast?

Beachbody coach Dara distel, before and after Shakeology

*Disclaimer: I am provided the Shakeology shakes by my Beachbody coach Dara Distel for the purposes of getting healthy, and blogging about the product.



Censie said...

Hope you start feeling better!

Shan said...

Thanks Censie! I was down for a full week but am so amped up to start tomorrow!

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