November 5, 2012

Mompreneur Monday: Crest Counselling with Marissa

I was fortunate enough to connect with Marissa through #mombizmondays, both on Twitter (Monday nights at 10pm EST) and Facebook. he is truly inspiring, and gives great focus when you need a little splash of reality to know that you're on the right path!

I work in private practice as a professional career counselor. Whether you are starting your first job, considering a career change, assessing your options, or looking for help to become a more competitive applicant, I can help.  The goals of career counseling are to help you identify your values, skills and unique talents, assess your current situation, focus on possibilities, enhance your marketability and help you design effective future career development strategies. 

I believe that career satisfaction is absolutely essential to overall life happiness. I became a career counselor over a decade ago, working within the higher education sector. After receiving requests for my services from within my personal networks, I decided it might be time to launch this new business venture. 

As a mom of a busy two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, I think the term work life balance is paradoxical.  I prefer mindfulness as an approach to juggling multiple priorities.  As a counselor I have been trained in the art of active listening and being present. I try to balance my dual roles by being in the moment and enjoying activities and time with my children and husband to the fullest when in "Mommy" mode. Conversely, when I am in career counselor mode, I stay tuned into patterns and possibilities for each clients success. Technology also helps me to be more effective in blending my professional and personal roles. For example, I use Skype to work with clients remotely, allowing me to take appointments after I tuck my little ones into bed.

I hope my children learn to follow their passions from me. I try to model this, as well as instill it at home with my kids, and at work with my clients. I also hope to teach them that if they make an unsatisfying choice in their lives, change is always possible!

For Sweet Stella's fans, I am happy to offer a one time resume "tune-up" at a highly discounted rate of $25 (US) through December 31st, 2012.  Feel free to email me at for more information. To take advantage of the resume "tune-up" offer, mention "|Sweet Stella's fan" in the subject of your email.  

For additional information on my services, keep reading!
Adolescents and Young Professionals

Career counseling can benefit adolescents seeking to find a path or college major, launch a career path and gain experience through internships.  I offer career assessment inventories such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help you understand how your preferences influence career selection and satisfaction.  Young professionals benefit from my expertise in navigating an increasingly competitive job market.  I offer expertise in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, conducting an effective job search, developing networking strategies, and using social media in your job search.  I offer graduate school advising to college graduates and will work with you on crafting an effective graduate school essay.

Adults and Experienced Professionals

With my adult clients we realize that career choice impacts many other areas of your life and work with you to explore the fit between your career goals and your overall life goals.  In addition to fine-tuning your resume and interview skills, I help experienced professionals cope with career challenges and transition, develop and implement career goals, and become more competitive job applicants.  Experienced professionals seeking a new direction can also benefit from a career assessment inventory such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  I also offer digitally recorded mock interviews and can help you negotiate a job offer.

Marissa Deitch
Vice President, Career Counseling
Crest Counseling and Educational Services

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