August 8, 2012

Review: Ostlund Custom Works hammered aluminum cuff

Recently, I've been able to connect with an insanely awesome metal artist, Ron Ostlund Jr. the owner of Ostlund Custom Works, on twitter and was fortunate enough for him to design me a hammered aluminum cuff to wear to a few events, wedding, and most importantly BlogHer in NYC.

I've never worn a cuff before because I simply didn't think I'd be able to pull it off. Well! Was I ever wrong! Not only can I pull it off, but I can pull it off with literally any outfit...the piece is just that versatile!

At a wedding in Muskoka, ON - the perfect accessory to a navy one shoulder dress

Wonderwoman in disguise?

In NYC for BlogHer'12, complimenting my trendy peplum custom dress from Kristine Cook Designs

I am positively in love with this cuff. It is super light weight {a very nice surprise} and glitters in the sunshine. It made me feel like WonderWoman, and when I told my husband that, he had a good giggle, but it's true! It's unique, and makes a bold statement.

I've worn with it jeans and a tee, sundresses and super trendy dresses. It's been to the cottage and then to 5th Avenue and a fashion show in NYC. Like I said, the most versatile piece that I am fortunate enough to own!

Check out more from Ostlund Custom Works on facebook and twitter.


Ron Ostlund Jr said...

I will just smile now! :-)

Tina said...

His work is exquisite.

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