August 8, 2012

BlogHer12 Recap: Fashion

You all know about my amazing fashion sponsor by now, Kristine Cook Designs, but you've yet to see me in the actual clothes.

Bottom (l-r) grey&coral asymmetrical dress {Expo Hall}, coral jacket {Hasbro party}, peplum dress {6pm fashion show, Bar Americain dinner, CheeseburgHer}

I honestly felt so incredibly stylish the entire time, and felt like I was a true reflection of myself...not the denim bermuda shorts and tanks that I sport back home when I'm too busy {or tired} to really put much effort into myself.

What did I learn? Well...that I have a body. After losing over 50lbs from when I was pregnant with my son in 2009/2010, I have...a body. I have curves, and tiny little legs! I have a tiny waist...and darn it, I can rock it! I felt confident 100% of the time, day and night and I have Kristine to thank for that.

See what's happening in each one of the looks above? I'm smiling. Truly incredibly happy...and comfortable in my own skin!


Rebecca Nash said...

You looked fabulous every time I saw you and I loved the radience/glow from your confidence. I'm so thrilled that it was such a great experience! You're a hot mama!

Sarah [] said...

Loved all your outfits. If I go next year, I am praying someone will dress me!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Ihave a few of Kristine's designs in my closet and love to wear them!

Julia P F said...


Devan McGuinness said...

I love your confidence! these posts are not easy to find -- and i love it. You do rock it :)

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