August 30, 2012

Arygle Art in the Park

This past Saturday, I was able to take park in a really awesome event in one of our most beautiful parks in London, Ontario.

It was my first time using my Banners On The Cheap vinyl banner, and I think that it looked so incredibly beautiful. Patrons were constantly commenting on it, and it really helped my booth to have a lovely branded and professional feel.

At my booth, I had a wall of paintings on repurposed old shutter doors. Unfortunately, the paintings kept falling off with every gust of wind and by 2pm, I has thrown in the towel. By 4pm, I'd figured out how to make them stay, only didn't have the materials to pull it off. Oh well! At least I have figured out how to make the shutter doors work {people loved them, and said it made them feel like they were in my studio!}

I also had my lovely MDF bifold display, that I built myself. I loved it and it tied everything together really well! Now, it's up in my studio as a way to get my paintings hung and constantly on display. Awesome!

I also had a tiered stand of accessories, and bracelets hanging from my vase-trees.

All in all, it felt the way I had envoisioned. It was like I was inviting people into my studio, and sharing with them why I paint the way that I do...

The compliments were incredible! I was told by very established artists that I am very talented and was born to paint. Others made comments about the fluidity of the movement in my work, something that I try really hard to achieve. Another artist was on her way back to her booth, and did a double take...circling back and gasping at every painting she saw, eventually telling me that she was very impressed by my skill.

The best compliment that I go all day was by a fellow artist, who {thinking I was younger than I am} asked if I knew who Jackson Pollock was. Yes, most definitely I do, and when he went on to say that my work is very reminiscent of the abstract impressionist masters...I just about died.

From the lovely shutter doors, to my incredible banner from Banners on the Cheap, to the bifold screen...the experience could not have been better! I am overwhemlingly proud of the response rom the public, and it has reaffirmed that I am indeed on the right path!

1 comment:

lori cohn said...

Love the shutters! They look amazing and what an orignal idea. Glad you had such a positive experience.

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