June 28, 2012

SWH4T$: Spikey Sponge Balls

Summer is here!  And along with it comes the task of finding interesting ways to keep your kids entertained {and cool in the heat} during these deliciously long hot days.

Jack's birthday party is coming up in a few weeks, and one thing I learned from last year, is that I need activities for the kids that are either in the shade, or that will keep them cool.  Especially since this year the kiddos are a year older and mobile on 2 limbs instead of 4 :)

A great way to keep your kids cool and inspire some outdoor physical activity fun is Spikey Sponge Balls!

Each Ball requires 2 sponges, I bought 12 sponges for $4.50.
Make sure you get the plain sponges without the scrubby side!
You can use ribbon, embroidery floss or fishing line as your tie-element.

Cut each sponge in half lengthwise...

...and then cut those halves in half again lengthwise.

Stack them up, alternating colors (8 total sponge sticks for each ball)

Cut a piece of your tie-element and tie it around the middle of the stack, pulling it as tight as you possibly can.  Cut off loose ends.

These balls are great because you can soak them in water, the kids can throw them around, squeeze them on each other - and its good, clean, cold & wet fun!

The best part is that if you are a neat freak mom like me, you can put them in a mesh bag and run them through the dishwasher to clean them :)

For Jack's party I plan on filling his water table and putting the Spikey Sponge Balls in there, along with some cups and measuring spoons and letting the kids go to town!

You can find the original tutorial HERE.


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