June 5, 2012

Party Tips Tuesday: Menu Planning

Part of party planning that I really really love is planning out the menu {anyone remember that elaborate spread from Easter?}

For Owen's party, I started brainstorming food early on. S'mores obviously were on top of the list, but I got thinking about traditional campfire foods...just like when I was a Girl Guide!

Corn bread
Banana boats
BBQ Potatoes

Then a few new favourites...

Pizza cones
Hobo bread
Melon kabobs
Choco-apple slices (like a chocolate-caramel apple, but just slices! Thank you, Pinterest!)
Trail mix
Jiffy pop

And what's a party without coordinated buffet tent cards??

I'm particularly excited about how I'm incorporating S'mores into the menu. There will be S'mores Pops {marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed graham crackers} and S'mores Krispy Treats {a hint from my pal Shizz from Baby Shmizz}.

Stay tuned next week for the Favours!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Don't be alarmed if you see me walking around Owen's party and eating all of the food :)

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