January 13, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday: Shabby Chic Cork Boards

I have a ratty old cork board that I've tried to spruce up with some black spray paint...and it's just sort of...lacking some inspiration.

It's the place that I pin thank-you notes from happy customers...calendars and order deadlines...hang the first ornament that started this whole crazy world of Sweet Stella's.

But...it's ugly. It's just a standard cork board, and I painted the frame black at one point, I think for our wedding seating chart. It's old, and dingy and needs...life.

How pretty are those?!

My plan for my new studio {again...in the house that we haven't found yet!} is to have the walls be a soft light dove grey, with charcoal and navy accents, much like my logo. Shabby chic white framed cork boards? Heck yes!!


Have a great, and inspired, weekend!


Catcophony said...

I love this idea! What a great way to keep organized and so nice looking to boot!

Rebecca Nash said...

I'm working on this project too! pinned the photo for my office and already bought some corkboard but I'm looking for some awesome frames!

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