August 31, 2011

Simple Things Thursday: Mama's Little Helper

He's absolutely into everything these days, always under my feet and pushing me to the side to get past where I am...since it's so much better on the other side of Mama.

Last week before the Baby Shower, he was roaming around under the buffet table, in circles and kept giggling when I would tell him that he was Mama's Little Helper.

So simple. So pure. So completely and utterly in love with this boy!

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Ellie A. said...

oh what a sweet boy :)I remember those times.. Although I must say my little girl still is my little shadow I don't mind one bit. Happy Sunday & thanks so much for visiting my blog.

MommyMandi said...

I love the shot! His eyes are beautiful!

Kimberlee said...

Such a fun age. :) Love the pic.

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