June 21, 2011

Format Changes

Welcome back!!

First and foremost, the break that I took over the weekend was awesome. Owen's party went off without a hitch and he had a great time!

I've taken some time to reflect about blogging, my brand, and how I structure things over here at Sweet Stella's, and I'd like to announce some exciting changes!!

The first monday of the month will remain MOMpreneur Monday

The following monday's will be dedicated to the amazing Monday Momma Bloggers who have been so incredibly supportive! If you want to promote your blog, post a comment below!

Tuesday's will be Talk-To-Me Tuesday. Want to know something about the mastermind behind Sweet Stella's? Have a question about a painting, art, design technique? Let me know, and I'll Talk-to-you!

Wednesday's will continue to be Emmy Given Wednesday to chronicle my experiences in making amazing goodies that are being sent to the Emmy's!

Thursday's....oh I'm a little stumped for Thursday's! Any suggestions?

And Friday's will remain Y3W (Your Three Words) linked up with Jenni From The Blog

There you have it! If you have anything you'd like to know for Talk-To-Me Tuesday, or a theme suggestion for Thursday, let me know!


Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

SO glad the party went well. :O) I cannot wait to find more mommy blogs! Hope the changes help sweetstellas too!

Mrs Dully said...

Welcome back! ha!

I likey the new format.

Any chance of Thursday being some sort of DIY project. None of your hidden secrets of course...but something simple?

Shannon said...

We need pics of O's party, STAT!!!!
I would love to do Mom Blogger Monday, obvs :)
And I 2nd Mrs. Dully's request for something DIY

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