June 8, 2011

Emmy Given Wednesday: Missed Delivery

I have news!!!

I was talking with my buddy Adam at Curry's yesterday, and he let me know that I should be receiving all of my journals...tomorrow (as in, today!)

Well..we had a bit of a late night last night. Owen didn't get to bed until nearly 9:30 (he's usually out for the count by 8pm after some solid playtime in the bath {his favourite}), and when I woke up at 9:30am...there wasn't a sound to be heard from his room! Yay for sleeping in...but then the doorbell rang, and I was not in any shape to go and answer.

So I found this

I am so excited for 4:30 this afternoon when I can do to the Purolator depot around the corner and pick up the journals!!!

Then tonight...painting!

I painted two on the weekend, of a different shape and brand that will not be going to the Emmy's but will be available for One-of-a-kind and custom purchases, and it just felt good to play with the paint! (Sneak Peek tomorrow!)

Once the 10 are completed for the Press Bags, and 1 for the display table...my items can be shipped to the lovely ladies of The Artisan Group.



Ashley said...

I'm so glad that you get to pick up your journals tomorrow!

Seeing is Believing Artistry said...

I Bet it will feel like Christmas at 4:30 today!!

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