May 23, 2011

MOMpreneur Monday: Ariel Hayes

Hello everyone! I've finally found a spare minute on this lovely Victoria Day Monday to sit and write about a lovely MOMpreneur, find out why she does what she does so well, and share some of her secrets.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Ariel Hayes of Deco Courture. I've had the pleasure of chatting back and forth with Ariel for a few weeks now, as she is also a member of The Artisan Group and will be providing her amazing line of jewellery to celebs at GBK Productions Gifting Lounges.

Here's Ariel's take on what she does, and why she loves it so much...

I make handmade affordable fashion jewelry for women. I love my job because it allows me to be a stay at home mother and teach my three year old to follow her dreams. Ever since I was little I had a passion for fashion and jewelry. My advice for MOMpreneurs is to always follow your dream. Starting out is the hardest part, you have to build a fan base, products people want to buy, promote your business anywhere and everywhere and manage the household duties and raise your kids all at the same time!

Facebook Page:

Take a minute to look at Ariel's amazing creations; I assure you, you will not be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL jewelry Ariel!!!

Ariel said...

Aww Thank you so much!:)

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