May 24, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Chocolate Cake in a Cup

I saw this tweet the other day and just knew that I had to try it!

@YummyMummyClub: Fun for kidsRT @Journeywoman: Speaking of heaven ... this 5 min. chocolate cake in a mug is heavenly -

Seriously? Chocolate cake in 5 minutes? This cant be true!!

Or can it?

I set out last night to discover if it was...and not only is it, but you can have delicious chocolate cake in 3 minutes!!

Here's the recipe

And here's the goodness!

We tried it and loved it...but it was missing something...

Vanilla buttercream!



Mrs Dully said...

mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm goooood. I am planning on impressing my mother in law with this this weekend. I promise I will not tell her where I saw this and just let her think I am a genious. k? ;)

Faire Argent said...

Thanks for the recipe, this is really good stuff!!!

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