January 5, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday: Dragon Shoes

I had mentioned the other day that down here in Florida, it seems that textures are dominating the shoe stores...including, and certainly not limited to, children's shoes.

I was thinking about that this morning as I enjoyed my Cherrios (and watching my Monster giggle at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and happened to glance over at these

They, along with another pair of Robeez, were the first thing I bought Monster when we found out he was in fact a he.

Now, though, they bring so many thoughts and ideas to mind. Yes, they're leather, but the pattern and colour coordination could be easily translated into paper...and perhaps a themed birthday party...or Halloween adventure!

I've been busily dreaming up ideas for new products, including coordinated party packages, and looking for inspiration in the strangest places. These little dragons fit the bill quite nicely!

Just imagine...

...a scaly, spiny, spiky banner...tied with beautiful ribbons to make it not-so-fierce
...favour pouches with spikes at the top, spilling over with red, green and yellow jelly beans
...dangling dragon eyes and teeth from a doorway (out of paper of course! Unless you know where I can find a dragon! ;)

Have a whimsical Wednesday!

1 comment:

Sarah Familia said...

Those are the cutest Robeez I've ever seen! Robeez were my favorite shoes when my kids were little. I love your idea of theming a birthday party after them.

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