December 23, 2010

Y3W Friday

There's a little tradition that Sweet Stella's is incredibly excited to start participating in every week.

Your Three Words is meant to sum up your week...or talk about something that is upcoming over the next weekend; to talk about something great and amazing, remember something sad...all in three little words.

Your Three Words here at Sweet Stella's will be used for announcements of the creative kind!

See that box over to the right? The one that says Subscribe for Email Updates? Well! I saw this over on Em&M: Plain or Peanut? and thought it was a fantastic idea.

An RSS feed, sent straight to your email so that you don't even have to log onto the blog to check for updates! As soon as there is a new post, you'll get an email with the contents of the post...making your ever busy life that much easier!

Stay up to date with our MOMpreneurs, How-To's, Whimsical thoughts and Thankfulness through subscribing to our feed!

Oh...and the subscribers will be eligible to win a new product that will be released in early
January! Stay tuned for details coming in a Y3W in the next few weeks!

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