December 20, 2010

How-To Tuesday

Each and every Tuesday, Sweet Stella's will be featuring a little how-to. It might be how-to do something crafty...bake something sweet...or cook something fabulous for your kiddo.

This week, we have...

How-To Make Butternut Squash Baby Puree

Step 1: Choose two small-medium sized butternut squash

Step 2: Cut length wise in half, scoop out the seeds

Step 3: Place cut side down in a baking dish in approximately 1/2" of water

Step 4: Roast at 400 Fahrenheit for 40-60minutes (45 did these just fine!) You'll know that they're done when the skin puckers and the flesh feels soft through the skin of the squash

Step 5: Cool slightly, then scoop out the meat, placing it in a large bowl (any bowl will do, but I used glass)

Step 6: Cover with plastic wrap and let cool. This is especially helpful if, like me, your kiddo requires constant entertainment and likes to use you as a jungle gym! You can leave these on the counter, covered, while you tend to your wee ones and come back to it once they're in bed

Step 7: Once cool, puree in the appliance of your choice. Add water to thin if necessary, though when you cover the meat with plastic wrap in a large bowl it will continue to cook and steam...adding the necessary water to thin the puree

Step 8: Spoon into ice cube trays, and freeze!

Step 9: Once frozen, transfer into freezer bags for easy storage

Yield: 42 servings

Nutritional Information (per 1cup cooked):
Calories 79.95
Protein 1.83g
Carbohydrates 19.94g
Fibre 5.74g
Calcium 28.7mg
Iron 0.67mg
Potassium 895.85mg
Folate 57.40mcg
Vitamin A 7,291.85mg

Stay tuned next week as we'll get into some very yummy treats for the holidays!

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