About Shannon

photo credit Lainie Hird Photography

Over the past few years, one thing has become very apparent to me; I live with purpose. This journey started back in 2010 when, following the birth of my son, I faced PostPartum Depression. It was a very lonely place to be, but writing, getting back to my roots as an abstract painter and sculptor, and leading with an open heart helped me to understand that it was a part of my journey, and a part of my purpose.

Find Your Purpose

In summer 2013, after experiencing a miscarriage, I set out on a path to find my purpose again; to search through the dark places in my soul, challenge myself, push the boundaries and uncover something really amazing. This led to a love of running {and all of the medals that go with completing races}, a new art collection shown at a gallery in Toronto, and the want to help others uncover their own purpose. 

My purpose and passion is deeply rooted in abstract art, interior design, and finding the beautiful in every day. As the mom of two boys, I am often surrounded by mess, noise and dirt. Taking a moment to breathe, to tap into my soul and connect with my core, I find my passion in being a mom, wife, artist, runner, mentor and woman. I have found my purpose. 

Live With Passion

photo credit Lainie Hird Photography
Now, I find my heart more open than ever. Yes, I have experienced loss and certainly, there has been pain. But there has also been beauty, purpose, passion and hope.

There is a certain amount of purpose in everything that we do. While some tasks may seem mundane and arbitrary, I can promise you that there is an underlying force driving us to complete them. This is your purpose, your true passion.

As a writer, I hope to inspire.
As an artist, I hope to bring beauty.
As a mother, I hope to fill my children with passion and teach them to push their boundaries.
As a doula, I hope to bring my clients full circle with their purpose and truth.

Join me, and find yours.

You can reach me by email shannon@sweetstellas.com or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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