June 18, 2014

What To Pack For Mom #hospitalbag #bailybelle

Quite like my extensive list of what to pack for baby, I have a rather long list of what to pack for Mom for your hospital bag.

Some of these things certainly aren't essential to everyone, and yes...it's going to be overboard for some of you mama's out there, but this is my list of I'd rather have it than not.

Labor supports: These are things that might be helpful during labor, might take your mind off of the
task or pain at hand, and help you relax a little.

Portable DVD player with charger
iPhone charger
camera and charger
things that you have an emotional attachment to - I have packed a little Wembley figurine that my Dad gave me. It helped tremendously in my labor with Owen.
deck of cards

Clothes for Mom
5 pairs of comfortable underwear
3 pairs of leggings
2 pairs of socks
2 sports bras
robe or dressing gown

Going Home Outfit for Mom: while a skirt may not seem like a practical choice for all, it makes me feel human.

maxi skirt
tank top
sports bra

ear plugs
sleep mask
hair straightner
hair elastics
bobby pins
body wash
coconut oil
extra pair of contacts
contact case and solution
hair brush
facial cleansing wipes
feminine hygiene pads (large pack of thin overnight with wings)
small compact of makeup, with mascara

Optional: Things that I'd rather have than have to send my husband (or someone else) home for

Belly bandit
belly support band
flip flops
reusable water bottle
push present for my husband

So yes, an extensive list, but really....if there's anything I've forgotten to put in that bag, there's zero way I'll need it if I've covered off that entire list!

Other things to consider packing are things for your support person...

change of clothes
bathing suit in case you want to labor in the tub (if your hospital suite has one)
spare change

And...it's always nice to pack something to thank your nurses. I'm going to be baking cookies and packaging them in cello bags, then popping them in the freezer so we can just grab them on our way out to the hospital.

Oh me, oh my! Let's go have a baby!

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Tracy Eyles said...

Looks like you are going in well prepared. With my last, I was there less than 24 hours and didn't even open my bag;). Good luck, hope it all goes smoothly.

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