June 17, 2014

On Being Brave... #coaching #confidence

When was the last time that you were brave? I mean really brave.

Danced in front of people, just to be silly.
Spoke to a group about something you are passionate about.
Kissed someone in the rain.
Stood up for what you believe in.

So often, I find that we hide. We shy away from things that might hurt us, we keep quiet when there are things that are really wrong with this world.

But what would happen if you were brave? If you said that what was in your heart?

Being brave isn't just about taking the step to stand up; it's so much bigger than that. It's about conviction. It's about passion. It's about leading your life with the same message every single day, being brave through and through.

Go on...be brave.

1 comment:

Rebecca Nash said...

What a fitting post for my day today!

Today I took a leap, even though I wasn't ready (or so I thought). With a little nudge (read sharp shove but with my best interests in mind) from Ross I entered the WPPI First Half Competition with 7 of my images. While I expect no awards, this was a huge step for me to put my work out there to be judged by some of the industries best so that I can learn and grow from their feedback.

How will I be brave tomorrow? Maybe just by getting out of bed, but maybe something more!

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