May 27, 2014

The Only Crossbody Bag a Mom Will Ever Need #ThirtyOne

Recently, I went to a ThirtyOne party that my friend Rebecca was hosting, where my bff Tiffany was the lead consultant. I wanted to get a new handbag that would fit in my diaper bag, but that would also be stylish and able to be used on its own.

Introducing, the Vary You Mini Crossbody

When I saw this bag in person, I knew that it would fit at least one of my requirements; fitting in my diaper bag. It's compact, but has room for everything that you need, with extra pockets for things like lip gloss, your iPhone, receipts etc. But...would it be a good crossbody?

You betcha! I wore it out for a date night with my husband on Saturday, then again on Sunday and I definitely will not be switching back to my old wallet. I like that everything is right there, on my hip and that I can make the strap longer or shorter, depending on my comfort that day.

Oh and the strap? It's detachable! If you'd prefer to use your crossbody as a wallet, it can do that! 

One of the best features about this bag, in my opinion, is the strap that goes over your credit cards. It is such a smart idea. The strap keeps everything in its place and secure. I found with my old wallet that as the fabric stretched, my credit cards were constantly falling out. Not anymore!

If you're looking for a new bag, that is small enough to easily fit into your diaper bag but stylish enough to be worn on its own, look no further than the Vary You Mini Crossbody by Thirty One!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, I just love the product and thought I would share!



Heather said...

this is a great travel bag - we are going to europe next year - this may be the perfect bag for that trip!

Shan said...

Totally would be, Heather! I got it, also, for running. I never know what to do with my ID and keys and whatnot when I'm running in an event and this will fit nicely across my back!

Censie Sawyer said...

Looks like a really nice option. I especially love the strap over the credit cards!

Rebecca Nash said...

So glad to hear you're loving it. I was looking at that one too. My wallet is so massive and I just keep filling it with more and more things!

Kaymee said...

So awesome! I seriously just bought this at a thirty one party a few weeks ago! I received it the other day, and love it! I got the gray :) Great minds ;)

Shan said...

It definitely helps to minimize all of the "stuff" that we tend to accumulate in our purses!

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