October 28, 2013

LOST Running Series

Have you ever entered a virtual running series? When I joined the #rundisney group on Facebook, and saw Joe posted about his LOST Running Series, I went to investigate what this was all about.

The LOST Running Series consists of 6 stations for the first series, all themed after the different Dharma stations. {call me a geek...whatever...it's cool}.

Station 1: Hydra 4km
Station 2: Arrow 8km
Station 3: Swan 15km
Station 3: Flame 16km
Station 5: Pearl 23km
Station 6: Orchid 42km

See what he did there? 4....8...15...16...23...42...Clever!

Admittedly, since the weather turned super cold here in Southwestern Ontario, I needed a little kick in the rear to get back out there. This was PERFECT!

Hydra4km on October 23rd, 2013

See that? 4 Celcius! And man did it feel much cooler!

But you know what's really awesome? After every leg of the series, you get a medal!!

It definitely is motivating me to get out there...bundled up and all!

How are you staying motivated in these cold months?



Censie said...

How fun!!

Shan said...

it's pretty awesome!! Hoping to get part of the 15km done this weekend

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