July 10, 2013

New Year New Me, C25K Updates

So, I am now officially half done my C25K training. {well almost! I have one day left of week4!}

What an amazing experience. I absolutely LOVE running, and never in a million years did I think I would be able to call myself a runner.

But that's me...a runner! A RUNNER!

Last week, I had a huge achievement and felt like dancing all the way home at one point {I ran instead}. Here's my week 3 progression, and I'm sure you'll be able to tell why I'm so excited

w3d1: pace -4sec

w3d2: pace -2sec

w3d3: page -14sec

FOURTEEN seconds!!! I am getting stronger, my legs aren't as wobbly when I get back and more often than not, I end my cool down a quarter of the route from my home, then RUN home!

That's not to say when I get home, I'm not panting and then lying in a puddle of sweat and grime on my bathroom floor, but still!

Who are my runners out there?? High fives all around!



Mel said...

You are in the midst of an amazing journey! Im so glad you are taking it all in. Mind, body and soul!

Shan said...

Thanks Mel!! Wk4d2 was super tough because of the humidity! 6pm is not a good running time lol

Censie said...

I'm impressed!! That is a great running time!

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