March 6, 2013

The Mompreneur Conference: Recap 4

One of the keynote speakers at the Momprepenur Conference this past Saturday was Tracy Moore from CityLine. I had seen pictures of her and heard from others just how amazing she is, but it wasn't until I was sitting front and centre that it really clicked.

Tracy is the mom of two, a working mom at that. Both of those things in and of themselves strike a wee bit of fear into me, but hearing her speak about how much balance she has been able to achieve was incredible.

She's not perfect. She's not super mom {though she does have incredibly toned arms that left me rather envious!}.

She's a mom with every day struggles. She goes to the grocery store. She works out. She leads a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She wears amazing dresses featuring the floral trend as of late, with amazing shoes.

When she spoke, she spoke from the heart. She was truly authentic and explained that even she has mom guilt. People engaged with her, she took extra time to answer questions {which I personally thought was really amazing} and was just real.

The main theme, it seemed, from the women in the group were that they struggle with how to balance their home life with their work. For those of us who work at home, it's a little different as we also have to find a separation between work and home, but all in all it was a constant theme for discussion, even until the very end of the day.

How do we get over the mom guilt? How do we have our husbands understand that our online, freelance, blogging, artistic, home businesses are actually viable businesses? How do we take time for ourselves? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Tracy's advice was something that I believe in wholeheartedly.

Be good to yourself so you can be good to others.

Ladies, this means manicures and coffee dates with friends. It means buying a new pair of shoes when you need them. It means having a date night with your husband.

And it means not feeling bad about taking that precious time for yourself.

It was really validating to hear Tracy speak, and it was a great time to reflect on how supportive my husband is with my workload, and just how far I have come since starting on this professional journey in 2010.

Do you struggle with balance? Let me know in the comments and lets chat!


1 comment:

Mel said...

Its great to hear you found the conerence to be such an inspiring experience! Surrounding yourself with people of like minds and situations strengthens your own!

My 'office' is in the midst of our living area/kitchen/dining. I find it difficult at times to focus on alot of things as the noise in the background is sometimes distracting. Then I feel guilty for being on the computer, and not to my family.

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