March 5, 2013

Celeb{rate} The Sultry Vampire

One of the most talked about celebrities right now is none other than Kristen Stewart, so when I got notification from her publicist that I was going to be designing a custom piece for her, I was over the moon with excitement.

I am still in the designing phases, but I love that she lets her darker side show. It definitely is setting the tone with my sketches, and the possibilities are really endless.

Sculpted bowls in black, charcoal and navy
A sculpted crown of black glitter hearts
A monochromatic painting

I know that the piece, be it home decor or wearable, will be monochromatic....but which way should I go?

Home decor or a piece she can wear?

What trends in celebrity style do you like?


Melissa said...

Something she can wear! Maybe a headband with a combination of tiny clay flowers cascading? Would look gorgeous when she wears her hair down! Wonder what her favourite flower is?

Shan said...

oooh that's an interesting idea! Like a crown! I hadn't thought of that

Heather said...

Oo I love her! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Something w/ dark gray and navy may be fitting!

Shan said...

Part of me says stacking polymer clay knuckle rings...the other part says nesting bowls

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