January 17, 2013

New Year New Me, Week 3

Well, this week was not without its challenges and I am so thankful for my coach Dara for being there to chat with when I was feeling down.

All in all, it went great. I've had more energy since starting Shakeology, and have definitely felt a difference in how my body functions after having a shake. I have alot more focus, and feel....strong and powerful. I'm not sure that will make sense, but truly after I have a shake for breakfast, I feel like I just poured so much good nutrition into my body that I feel strong and like anything is possible in that brand new day.

Top r - coffee cubes, banana-choco shake, enjoyment and fulfillment,  new ingredients!, choco-strawberry, cherry-choco

In tears on Day19

Then, mental and emotional exhaustion hit me on Day 19. Was I nuts for doing this? I'd noticed a few changes over the past week, like a lifted bum, less of a double chin, and slender shoulders...but was focusing on my flaws. It didn't help that it's that hormonal time of the month, but on Day 19, I found myself having to stop my workout twice, and sit and cry.

Then I wrote to Dara and her Beachbody support group that I was having a hard time with the mental aspect of things, and my team rallied to make me feel so much better.

In three weeks, I have improved my nutrition with Shakeology every day, have lost a crazy amount of inches, have size10 shorts that are too big, and have had to get new underwear and a new bathing suit. I know that the number on the scale doesn't matter a whole lot, so why was the mental game so difficult this week?

Slender shoulders and lifted bum, working out with a toddler,
Week1 to Week 3 comparison, exhaustion, heismans and
feeling accomplished

Post-Partum Depression. That's why. I am still struggling 2.5 years later since PPD from time to time, and having a  moment to cry and reflect on the past three weeks was actually a good thing for me. I was able to take stock in my accomplishments and look at my new coping strategies. Shakeology has provided so much mental clarity for me, alot more focus and I'm able to push through my very busy schedule without sacrificing my health. Insanity helps with the focus, and sense of achievement when I push through ever day and finish a workout.

How do you deal with the mental aspects of being a busy, exhausted and mentally drained mom? Shakeology and Insanity are my answer, along with the support of my awesome coach Dara.

Beachbody Coach, Dara Distel, after Shakeology - can you believe she has a 17month old!?

*Disclaimer: I am provided the Shakeology shakes by my Beachbody coach Dara Distel for the purposes of getting healthy, and blogging about the product.



Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

DON'T STOP...BELIEEEEEVIN'! Seriously though, Shannon you are SUCH an inspiration. I don't have a ton of pounds to lose, I just want to be healthy and YOU are one of, if not my biggest inspiration. I think you're getting more mentally "fit" as well and I'm glad you have such a great coach in Dara. Keep sharing your story - you're inspiring so many! ::hugs::

Shan said...

two things
1) now I have that song in my head, and it's awesome
2) thank you. Sarah it means so much to know that even in my lowest and most emotional parts of my journey, i'm still inspiring others to keep pushing!

Heather said...

It's amazing what you have done so far. Even though I haven't done what you are doing, I KNOW it is hard from watching others and a big part of it is not physical but mental. You will get a stronger mind, body, heart and soul from the whole process. Keep us updated and keep pushing through, you can do it!

Shan said...

Thank you so much Heather! I will keep pushing!!

Rebecca Nash said...

Wow Shan, That's all I can say!

You have accomplished so much of what I want to accomplish and seeing your weekly updates and honest account really helps me to push through. I hope I can set such a great example for my own family.

You rock girl!

Shan said...

Thank you so much Rebecca! it's definitely the most difficult thing i've done, yet is the most rewarding as well

Maggie S. said...

1. I am so amazed at your progress.
2. I hope you are doing better since writing.

but one more... when I started w.w. and quit medicating my emotions with food, they kept coming out. It was hard, but it showed me they weren't really so scary after all.

I could never do what you're doing.

Chrissie@party paper scissors said...

Hang in there. You can do this. You are a woman....let's hear you roar! I have faith in you. Now that you are doing this and I am doing the fit test tomorrow...You are MY inspiration!!!

Shan said...

Chrissie and Maggie - your comments came through to my email with perfect timing and I shared them with my family at dinner. They cannot believe how much bigger this has gotten than just me wanting to be healthy.
I am so happy to share this journey with you and thank you so much for your support!

Chrissie@party paper scissors said...

We are in this together girl!! xoxoxo

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