January 25, 2013

Fabulous Find Friday....Mustard Peep Toes

This year, I'll be minimizing my Fab Finds Friday {Pinterest} posts to once a month. There's just SO much creativity, so many projects and so many new features that will be popping up here that I had to make some cuts.

However...that's not to say that when there is a monthly Fab Find to post, it won't be the most fantastic one you will ever come across.

Seriously? Seriously!

The peep toe...amazing!

The color...fantastic!

The detail....to.die.FOR!

As soon as I saw these shoes on Pinterest, I fell in love. You all know my love for peep to booties, but these are just so amazingly wonderful that I HAD to feature them in my first Fab Find of 2013.

Find a pair of fabulous to.die.FOR shoes on Pinterest? Comment with a link!



Heather said...

These are super cute, i could never walk on that heel though!

Maggie S. said...

I adore that color, and cannot wear it next to my face. Shoes are the obvious solution.

I inherited my grandmother's good sense and her arthritic feet. Cute shoes are just about a thing of the past.

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