January 22, 2013

Celeb{rate} Designing

This year, I have some really amazing things in the works in regards to the beautiful and inspiring celebrities that I am fortunate enough to be designing for. I've been asked over and over {particularly at BlogHer'12} how exactly I design for a certain celebrity.

Let me tell you...it's not easy feat! For some, like Cat Deeley, I spend hours upon hours sketching designs in my book, pulling out colours of paint and pencil to achieve the perfect design.

For others, like Kim Kardashian, the idea pops into my head as soon as I confirm with them. It happens realy naturally and comes to life as soon as my hands hit the clay.

First and foremost, I do a Google image search to see what their most recent fashion trends are. Are they trendy or low key? Do they like alot of colour, or do they tend to wear more neutrals? I look at all of the details, and then go from there.

How can my design and artistic style suit them?

This is why custom design is so important. I can literally tweak all of my designs so they suit the celebs individual style. It's pretty great!

Stay tuned!! Lots of announcements coming up in the next few weeks that you surely won't want to miss!



karen p said...

very cool! You put so much heart and thought into your work. Love it!!

Shan said...

Thanks Karen! I try to make each one unique!

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