December 12, 2012

Ho Ho Ho! Free Christmas Printable

What better way to welcome the big guy in red than with a free printable?

A charming felted red background, with a swirly snow overlay. Embellished with a white tag border, and the words Ho Ho Ho! in a lovely forest green!

Just download, print and frame in a white frame...then place lovingly next to a glass of milk and plate of cookies!

Yours free for the taking, here!


Anonymous said...

This is not a free printable if I have to sign up for something and pay for it.

Shan said...

Just click the link on the last line in the post - the word "here" will take you directly to the printable, where I have it marked as a free download. You do have to signin to ScribD (which you can do with your Facebook account) but the printable and ScribD service are both free.

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