November 19, 2012

Chalkboard Cheese Tray

I project that I saw on Pinterest a while ago was a chalkboard cheese tray, and I thought that it would be the perfect gift for my Mother-in-Law, who hosts dinner parties regularly and is always entertaining one group or another of close family and friends.

I had my tray ($1 at the dollar store!), and I had my Americana Chalkboard away I went, following the directions to-a-tee.

Such a simple and easy, and unique gift to give the hostess on your list! Apply one coat of the Chalkboard Paint either horizontally or vertically, and allow to dry for one hour. After it's dry, apply another coat whichever way you didn't apply the first.

Let cure for 24 hours! This was the hard part for me...I wanted to test it out immediately!

Once cured, lightly rub chalk on the surface, then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


Chalkboard Cheese Tray!! I'll be giving mine with a handmade eco-friendly cracker basket from Tina Dean Designs, and I really think that this is one gift that my Mother-in-Law is going to love!

*I was provided the Chalkboard Paint by DecoArt Inc. for the purposes of creating this project and writing a review on my blog.



Tina said...

That came out really well!

Anonymous said...

Chalkboard paint isn't foodsafe

Anonymous said...

"This is a cute idea, but chalkboard paint is not food safe! It says on the safety sheet that highly acidic things react with it, so if you were to put citrus on there, no good.

There should have been a last step in this which is to clear coat it with a food safe clear coating that can be found in craft stores.

It's also not dishwasher safe, or good for high temperatures. Always read the Materials Safety Data Sheet on paints/chemicals before using them, especially around food items! "

Shan said...

I'm looking into the food safety issue with the chalkboard paint and most definitely will be putting a sealer over it before gifting my cheese tray!
Thanks so much1

Shan said...

I've followed up with DecoArt Inc., and they have reassured that their chalkboard paint is in fact non-toxic, and to put a coating on it would render the product toxic and would therefore not be food safe.

Always check the product labels before starting a project. With this particular medium, it is recommended that you not place wet or raw ingredients on top.

My intention with this tray is for it to be used with hard cheeses and by adults only.

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