October 29, 2012

Fall Fashion Forward...in booties

One trend that I am really hoping doesn't go out of style anytime soon is the bootie...and more specifically the peep toe bootie.

I have a pair of brushed suede Sam&Libby booties that are simply the most comfortable heels that I own. I wear them alot, and they were definitely worth the splurge.

Now...these are a pair that I think are perfect for fall

The colour is perfect for fall - graphite grey. And the lacing detail!! The bow is super feminine and lovely, and the fabric that Lauren Conrad chose for these beauties is perfect.

Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy sweater, with layered necklaces...date night!

What are your go-to boots for fall?


Susan Woods said...

Love booties. But, I have to admit, I can not stand this peep toe boot trend. But, maybe that's because I live in the frozen north and peep toes after August are just plain impractical. Brrrr.... Would love the above boots, if they had a closed toe.

Shan said...

lol up here in Canada my toes might get cold, but they look amazing in my peep toes!

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