October 8, 2012

Fall Fashion Forward

Gone are the days of shorts and tees...here are the days that I covet the most!!

Fall is a time for cozy fashion, and I absolutely adore being able to dress up an outfit with a funky structured scarf, pair of amazing boots, or a snuggly sweater.

One of my favourite items of this season is the wool houndstooth convertible scarf from BailyBelle.

My absolute favourite element of this scarf is the button detail. It just finishes off the piece so beautifully!

Can't you just picture it with a white longsleeved tee, dark skinny jeans, and riding boots??


Tina said...

Love it! Looks cozy, too.

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

I love this! I love scarves...but honestly don't know how the heck to wear them!

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