July 23, 2012

Ask Me! Time Management....??

About a month ago, @mrs07c {one of my fab BlogHer roommates} wrote on my facebook wall and asked how I do all that I do...and only in 24 hours.

How many hats do I wear?

Event planner {kiddo's birthday, Mom's wedding,bff's baby shower}
Co-Chair for Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope {London, ON}
Freelance writer

I'm sure that there are more...but they're escaping me right now!

How do I do it all? Well...here are some tips!

  • have an ongoing blog planner open in Word
  • plan all of the blogposts that pop into your head on their appropriate days
  • try and get as many blogposts done as you can in one hour; sit down a the computer after the kiddos go to bed and write as much as you can
  • schedule your blogposts one month in advance and you'll always be on top of things!

Party Planning
  • start as early as possible...it is absolutely not crazy to plan a party a year in advance {even if others make fun of you for it!}
  • if you have an online shop, put up a vacation notice the week of your party so you can focus on the task at hand
  • hire someone to do the cake
  • set out the party platters and food cards the night before

  • regular scheduled dates with your significant other
  • regular scheduled date nights with yourself; I firmly believe that when you take time away for yourself you are able to be better to those around you
  • don't feel bad if you don't get everything done...seriously! What doesn't happen today, can happen tomorrow or the day after. Chances are if you didn't prioritize it today,it means that it likely wasn't that important in the grand scheme of things.


karen presecan said...

You are inspiring me...thank you! xo

Hena Tayeb said...

I do the same with the blogging.. this is the first time in months that i find myself just too busy and am taking it one or two posts at a time.. i need to get back on the ball

Sarah said...

I have recently begun staying at home, and am working to make good use of my time at home, and hopefully bring in some sort of income, and I tell you, time management is probably the hardest aspect for me. I have had to start planning everything to a "T"... but it is coming along. :)

You have some great ideas.

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