July 31, 2012

Anticipation is high!!

Gees, the title of this post might be the biggest undersatement of the year!

In just two days, after a little car ride from London to Toronto and saying farewell to my boys, I will be boarding a plane and headed to NYC to BlogHer.

In just two day, I will be able to put my freshest face forward for the sponsors who have supported my journey to the largest blogging conference in North America.

In just two days, I will converge with over 3000 like minded individuals to engage, connect and learn.


I have probably packed enough dresses, wedge heels, ballet flats, skinny jeans, and accessories to clothe myself for a few weeks...but I figure one outfit for day, and one outfit for night...with different shoe options. Flats, obviously for walking through out the city and Central Park.



How are you handling the anticipation?

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