April 26, 2012

Special Post: 60'6"...a book review

You may have seen me on twitter talking with my friend Mike Arsenault (@MikeGArsenault) about his book ,60’ 6” Balls, Strikes and Baseball Mortality. Well…I finished it the other night and I have to say that I am impressed.

We’ve been talking about his book for months. Tonnes of anticipation, a great deal of ice cream, many…many home cooked meals. I finally had the chance to read his book.

First and foremost, I will totally admit that I was a little apprehensive to read and review it. It’s a lot of pressure reading something by a good friend, one that is an incredibly athlete and I wasn’t sure that I would like a book that was about baseball.

Thankfully, Mike adds some humour, intricate plot twists, and some juicy romance to keep readers entertained. It was incredibly to follow the main character, Gord, along in his journey to become a star left-handed pitcher…all the while battling challenges both on and off the field. 

And there’s even a character that you {if you’re a woman} will love to hate! Danny; the egotistical womanizer of a roommate. I definitely would be lying if I said that my jaw didn’t drop at a few parts in the book, but I think that’s what made me want to keep turning pages. I wanted to see who his next conquest was, and wanted to scoff at how high-and-mighty the character would get. 

While the book does go through ERA, RBI, stats, and other things that I’m super thankful Mike put crib notes at the bottom for, it’s full of a story. A story of hope, that will grip you and pull you in and take you on a journey. 

And for the guys…it’s a healthy dose of a male-testosterone-driven-baseball novel that would be perfect for Father’s Day ;)

Now available in e-book!!


Unknown said...

I think Jeremy would like this book! I might buy it for him for his kindle.

mel said...

Looks interesting, is there an ebook edition?

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