February 28, 2012

Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Tea Party Tips

Some of the things that I'm inspired by most are the absolute most vintage and most simple...take a tea party for example...

Hang teacups from tree branches with pretty ribbon. They don't have to match, and I think it's the fact that they don't match that adds to the charm.

Simple sugar cookies made to look like teabags...dipped in chocolate. What an easy party favour! You could wrap them in parchment, and close them up with a very simple sticker or tag, with the string hanging outside. Perfectly simple and elegant

And what's a tea party without cake? If you can add ruffles in there somehow, have different plates (maybe even use the saucers from the teacups you just hung from the trees), and maybe a few sugar bowls with different jams, clotted creams and honey...you're so far ahead of the game it's not even funny!

For a tea party, my rule of 3 doesn't apply. Fill up that table...preferably a long table...with a mix mash of vintage cups, saucers, teapots, flowers in mason jars, cake stands even. Just keep it all in the centre, putting your highest items in the middle of the table and working down in height as you grow out toward the edges.

Happy Tea Party!

1 comment:

Susan Woods said...

Love. I finally have a girl and am loving being able to do girly things like this.

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