January 20, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday: DIY Desk...with storage!

Right now, since we're in between houses and are bunking at the inlaws for a few weeks while we house hunt, my work space is rather nonexistant.

My old workspace was that of a plastic 4' collapsible table.

How I yearn for a proper workspace...with storage underneath for the bins of paint, stacks of paper and other doo-dads that clutter up my creative space.

This one...pretty darn perfect

I already have a unit that is 2x3, so I could possibly just get another, with 3 more bins, and the board for the top...It'd be more narrow, but that would be allright!

Or I could just get the 3x3 units and board, and keep the 2x3 unit for storage...either way, pretty amazing!

Happy weekend!


Dee Crowe said...

This is fabulous! I have a craft room over our garage and so I have a long counter along one wall for all the crafting goodness..but I would love this for the center of the room!

Andrea said...

That space looks lovely! Good luck with the house hunt!

Jess said...

Ohhh that space is perfect!

Maureen said...

I ADORE THAT DESK! It looks very DIY friendly too!

Following you from TAG!

Christine and Company said...

I could SO do that. I have one of those 3x3 cabinets too - gotta love Target! If only I had the room for this in my house. -c
Another follower from TAG

nangatesdesigns said...

Love this!!

Nana G Creations said...

We all need a craft room like this!

Awe Inspired Designs said...

I would love to have this space!!

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