November 14, 2011

Mompreneur Monday: Little Free Radical

Happy Monday indeed today, as you get to meet a craft mama. The mastermind behind Little Free Radical, a children's toy and room decor shop on Etsy!

I first met Crystal when we were pregnant with our children, on a pregnancy forum and I think our craftiness (and honest attitude) brought us together. Now, we're members in The Artisan Group and talk often of creativity and inspiration!

What do you do?

I make cloth toys & room decor for kids!

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

I rarely have time to sit and make things in one sitting - typically, I sew for a few minutes here and there as I have time. I try to get the machine sewing all done during the day, so that I can get the stuffing & hand-stitching done at night once Sophie is in bed since my workspace is in her room. I also take a lot of small projects on the road when I know I'll be in the car for an hour or more! :)

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

Limited Space!!! We live in an apartment so my workspace is the corner of my daughters room. (I actually took the door off her room to be able to make use of the space the door was supposed to open into as a sewing area!)
I have to always keep the area "baby-proof" - make sure pins, scissors aren't in her reach... it's a lot harder to get stuff done when I constantly have to put everything away. Some day we'll own a house and I'll have a room of my own! :)

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Take baby steps! start with a little at a time - see what works & what doesn't, and grow your business over time!

Is there anything additional you'd like to share?

I currently have a giveaway on Mommies Who Love Freebies for a set of 3 cloth balls!

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