June 23, 2011

Y3W Friday: New Cake Toppers

I have had an absolutely blast creating new products over the past two weeks, some that I haven't even shared with you yet!!

These just hit Etsy yesterday, and I have a fabulous time making them and taking awesome photographs with these beautiful cakes from Whimsical Bakery

So simple, and yet unique and whimsical!

Each cake topper comes attached to a 4" food safe lollipop stick, making it easy to anchor into your cake!

Toppers measure approx 5.5", and are available in a wide variety of ink and paper colours (and patterns!)

All toppers are backed with coordinating cardstock, to give a polished and finished look.

Monogrammed cardstock cake toppers are available by special order, and on Etsy, for only $14.99 (plus shipping!)

Don't forget to head over to Jenni from the Blog for the y3W bloghop!


Emily Kate said...

Awesome idea, my wedding cake didn't even have a topper because we couldn't find anything sweet!

jenni said...

Oh, I LOVE them! You're so talented mama!

Jamie said...

Hi I'm doing a Giveaway on my blog and would love to give you a chance to win some adorable 4th of July Hair Clips! They're great for baby girls & toddlers!

Come on over and check it out:

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